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Everyone has a right to life


According to figures from the World Health Organization (WHO), on average 73.3 million abortions are performed every year.

200,821 per day.

8,367 per hour.

Since you started reading this email, nearly 139 abortions have taken place. 139 per minute.

139 human beings like you and me, only smaller. 

They are not statistics. 

They are people... people who would have been called David, Emma, Olivia, Noah, William, Daniel, Sophie, Sam, Elizabeth, James...

Abortion is the cruel and violent death of a human being. We cannot forget that. We cannot simply get used to it and do nothing in the face of the suffering of others.

We must act. Because these babies—Michael, Chloe, Joseph—die before they are even born. They need someone to defend them. They need us to do something.

"Let us Pray"

Mother and Baby in Autumn
Patience: We are making progress
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