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Maryhill Knights of Columbus Projects

Lighthouse Catholic Media

Lighthouse Catholic Media is a not for profit corporation that focues on evangeliztion through education. Everything from the doctrines of the catholic faith, to prayer, sexuality, fatherhood and motherhood, along with a variety of other topics are presented in practical and easy to listen to cds. These cds are for people of all ages. They can strengthen one's faith and they provide a wealth of information that will arm the every day Catholic with the tools that he or she needs to live out his or her life in a counter cultural soceity.

Travelling Trailer: The One Called Jesus

"The One Called Jesus" is a travelling art exhibit the presents the life of Christ in a series of caly sculptures. The sculptures have been travelling across Ontario and Quebec and have been on display inside a 53' trailer since 2002. This trailer is used as a teaching tool in the Catholic schools through the week and on weekends the inspiring collection is shown in the local church. In 2014, due to the age of the trailer, it could no longer pass a safety. With the help of the community and other councils a new trailer was renovated under the direction of Council 6024 and Sr. Terese Turcotte.

Euthanasia Awareness

On February 6, 2015, the Supreme Court of Canada approved euthanasia and assisted suicide in cases of physical and psychological suffering under subjective circumstances. The Supreme Court of Canada has blantly ignored the overwehlming statistics that show the abuses that occur in countries where euthanasia and assisted suicide is legal, and they have failed to keep health care what health care is meant to be.

Christian Persecution

When ISIS militants took over the city of Mosul in June, they painted the Arabic letter nun — symbolizing the word Christian — on the houses of Christian residents. Then on July 19, hundreds of Christians fled Mosul after ISIS issued an ultimatum: leave, convert, or be killed. Christians have inhabited Mosul for nearly two millennia, and now residents worry that little from the community remains. To protest the expulsion, Iraqi Christians are trying to reclaim the nun by sharing pictures like these on Facebook and Twitter. People of all faiths are joining in solidarity. (

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