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     NEXT DRAW MAY 2020

Operating for over 40 years, the Ontario Knights of Columbus Charity Raffle was initially known as the C.A.R.S Raffle and the prizes consisted of 10 cars. The reason for this was that the raffle was instituted to provide assistance to the Canadian Arthritis Society (CAR S) and that organization has been the primary recipient of funds from that raffle for every year of operation. This year the raffle is being done in a different format. This year the proceeds are going to the Canadian Arthritis Society as well as The Canadian Special Olympics and rather than raffling off a small number of prizes as in the past, there will be 500 prizes in total.  For a partial list of prizes look at ticket below.


The raffle is provincially licensed under the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Commission and the license is held by the Knights of Columbus Ontario

Charity Foundation Inc. The raffle is administered by the Ontario State Office

under the authority of the Foundation’s Board of Directors.


In order to provide purchasing opportunities for as many Ontario residents as

possible, tickets are sold by members of the more than 500 local subordinate

councils of the Knights of Columbus in Ontario. The councils act as selling agents

for the license holder. In consideration of this the councils receive 5% of their

gross sales as a commission.


Tickets are normally available for sale from individual knights or at other

commercial outlets like shopping malls from November each year until the

draw date. The results of the draw are published in three newspapers,

indicated on the tickets, the second Tuesday after the draw.

Annual Ontario Knights of Columbus

Charity Raffle