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Annual Ontario Knights of Columbus

NEW Charity Raffle INFO

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I sent out the first email about the 50/50 draw at the end of

December and in it I stated:

State would get the license, supply the Internet web page, supply the
online payment processing, and some local advertising.
It would cost nothing for our Council up front.
We would get a 25-30% portion of the Maryhill sales.

We must sell tickets online from our designated website.

So if we sold $4000 of tickets we would get 25% of 1/2 of $4000= $500.
We would get a specific web site link that would make all of our sales
flow to us.  The prize would be one draw for all councils added
together.  So if we sold $4000 and the other 30 councils sold the same
our sales would total 30x4000= $120,000.  Half would be the
prize=$60,000.  There is no way we could offer a prize so large but
obviously there is a smaller chance of winning per council.  Still the
plan is to hold 4 draws per year.  The first Draw is intended for the
end of March.

Ok we have joined in the Raffle.  The web link for Maryhill Is: Maryhill 6024

I believe we will have better results with a stated charity.  I propose that

we make this Raffle proceeds go to Lisaard House a home to care for the

terminally ill.  We have supported them for years.So unless I hear objections

I will make this our objective and involve Lisaard house in the Raffle.


This raffle is being promoted in the Guelph area and this pilot

project is about 30 Councils.  


There will be an early bird draw of $2500 but otherwise only one Winner.  

The winning amount is shown on the web page and is updated constantly. 

This will encourage buyers to buy again.   


Please consider buying a ticket and please tell all your family, relatives and

business associates to use our Web link, so we  get our portion of the sales to

give to Lisaard House.


I will follow this email with another that only contains the short explanation

and a web link so that you may forward THAT email to everyone you know.

Please start another email to me if you have questions so that I can see easily that

I have a new message( not one buried in a thread of 30 replies).



Tim Vegh


The Knights of Columbus for Ontario have organized

a huge 50/50 draw to be run 4 times per year. 

In this first Raffle a portion of the  sales that Maryhill

makes will come back to Maryhill and will be given to

Lisaard House. ( a hospice for caring for the terminally

ill in Cambridge) All sales are online with a credit card.  


Please use this Web link to make sure Maryhill gets the

credit for the tickets you buy: Maryhill 6024 Raffle  


The first raffle will be drawn on April 1, 2021.

There are many other Councils selling tickets as

well so the prize could be very large!  This is one of the only

 ways Maryhill Knights can raise money presently.


Please support our efforts to give to local worthy Charities.



Tim Vegh

Grand Knight


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