Dear:  Brother Knights

 I hope and pray all is well with you and your families in these trying times.  It’s hard to understand that sitting at home alone, we can still look at ourselves as the lucky ones.   We still have mostly everything that we need.  However, many of the charities that we have supported in the past are struggling even more now.

Over the years, we have run many events that have helped us raise funds for our charitable endeavors. We have been able to turn our time and work into funds to help local charities. Unfortunately, this is not possible today and we do not know when it will happen in the future. In order to continue our support of local charities, a fellow Knight suggested that we start a 100 club.  If enough members donate $100 to Monsignor Stephen Foerster Charitable Welfare trust every 6 months we can continue with our good works.


These donations can receive a charitable receipt for the full amount.  I personally like the idea.  If 100 members donate $100 then we would have $10,000.00 to support those in need. Some donations we make are matched so the timing of our donations is also important.

Maybe in the future, we could turn this into some kind of get together where we can again share in some fraternity with each other and our families.


I am looking for suggestions, comments and or commitments from Brother Knights.  I can be reached at:    

Mike Runstedler         12 Homestead Dr. Maryhill, On. N0B 2B0

Home: 519-648-3394

Cell:     519-580-5005      or

Thank you.

God Bless You.


Mike Runstedler