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Medical Assistance in Dying

All cheques can be made out to Msgr. Stephan Foerster Charitable Welfare Trust.

All entries and money must be submitted by August  TBA 2019



Mail cheques and entry forms to Tom Runstedler, 

For more information contact Tom Runstedler: 


For more information or to be a sponsor contact Tom Runstedler 


Register your team or we can find you one!

Please register your team by filling out the form below.

Knights of Columbus Annual Charity

Golf Tournament

August TBA 2020


We are seeking sponsors for this charitable event. We anticipate there will be in excess of 70 people golfing in our annual tournament. This event will provide an opportunity for you to promote your company's products and services to participants and the general public.


Your involvement could be in the form of one or more of the following: