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Editor Required


If we are to continue with the Knightly Informer we urgently require

someone to take over as editor of our informer.

the simple requirements are listed below.


!- Time required per edition Re: Monthly or Bi-Monthly is approx 2 to 4hrs 

2- Basic computer skills and some knowledge of graphics or publisher software.

Information and pictures for the edition are supplied via the members

or Council. Several members have a message in every edition.

There will be help in the printing and mailing of each edition.

You will be given an up to date printer to print the edition at your convenience within a timeline for mailing.

You will have an experienced member helping and guiding you at the

start and all supplies will be included.

For more information please email one of those listed below.

Tim Vegh timvegh@gmail.com           Or Phone 519-648-3952

Gerry Goetz sawnsew@netflash.net Or Phone 519-648-2591

Gary Embro gpembro@gmail.com    Or Phone 226-647-2466

We will also consider an interested wife of a member. 

Thank You